I'm a software engineer at Apple and graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I like the more low-level/backend side of software engineering, but have also recently been working with computer vision and machine learning research. I love working on a research-type projects that push the boundaries of CS as a whole.
Experience Software Engineer at Apple, June 2020 - Current Currently working in the Special Projects Group. Hardware Technology Intern at Apple, May 2019 - August 2019 Worked on the Platform Architecture team on work related to hardware simulation. Software Engineering Intern at Apple, May 2018 - August 2018 Worked on the Computer Vision and Machine Learning team on a project related to visual tracking. Software Engineering Intern at Apple, December 2016 - August 2017 Worked on the Computer Vision and Machine Learning team on a project related to compilers and low-level GPU optimization. CS61A Lab Assistant, Fall 2016 Helped out in office hours and labs of Berkeley's intro CS course. Engineering Intern at Boeing, Summer 2015 Wrote a MATLAB program that used basic AI to automate an important part of satellite electrical design.
Portfolio Realtime Raytracer Built a realtime hybrid raytracer/rasterizer. I normally wouldn't include a class project that used starter code, but I feel that I changed it significantly enough to post it here. The starter code was simply the skeleton for a basic offline raytracer. The repo is private because it would contain answers for a class project, but email me if you want to see the source. Speed Challenge An attempt at the comma.ai speed challenge without using any machine learning. RAWB: RAWB Assists with Balancing RAWB is a UR5e-based robot that can assist a human in carrying objects. RAWB was designed as a final project for EECS106A at UC Berkeley. DCSO DCSO is a tool that implements a novel optimization technique for digital circuits. It is currently unfinished but in a working state. DCSO was designed as a final project for CS263 at UC Berkeley. SIL A software-in-the-loop simulator developed for CalSTAR. It simulates multiple microcontrollers in parallel, controlling a simulated rocket in a physics environment. Ricochet A 2D physics-based iOS game developed with Brandon Tai. It is nearly finished but I can't work on it while at Apple. CalCentral.me A work-in-progress parody site of Berkeley's CalCentral Jumbo Jobs This website was made for an Intuit-sponsored hackathon. It allowed the user to search for specific industries in different locations to see job growth, average income, and more. Because it used PHP and Python, the backend is no longer running, but all the code is still available! FRC Robotics In high school, I was the lead programmer for our FRC robotics team. In addition, I fully designed the robot in CAD (interactive model) myself and helped out with building and wiring the robot. We placed second in the Los Angeles Regional my senior year (2016).
Contact Send me an email at [email protected].
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